Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Unit

This unit will conduct research about a career of interest. From the information recieved from the research an individual career plan will be developed.

Essential Question:
1. How do the decisions we make influence our future?

Unit Question(s):
1. How does personal, global, and technological factors all influence career decisions and the types of careers available?


  1. I think this is a good start. I know you are still working on 'content' questions section. The essential question covers many subjects so that works well with your unit. My level is first grade so it is hard to adjust what my students need to know compared to yours. I think content questions are more focused with one answer. I like the way you are thinking!!

  2. Great Idea! Influences do determine how our careers develop. As I look back, I have seen how all of those circumstances have changed the focus of my career. I wish someone had explained this to me while I was in college. I never thought I would be teaching. It is so far from what my major in college was. Technology and other factors have really changed my career focus. I still wonder if my decisions were correct. In the end, I guess they were.

  3. I think this idea should work well for you. As I think we discussed, your first unit question should probably be reworded to "What influences career decisions and the types of careers available?" Then in your content questions you can focus on the personal, global, and technological factors in making decisions.